Start-up Visa is a business program caters for immigrant entrepreneurs with skills and potentials to develop an innovative business idea or venture that can create jobs for Canadians. It is a program that connects between the potential entrepreneurs and the Canadian private sector partners that have experience and expertise dealing with start- up businesses. Learn more….

Start-up Visa

If you have an innovative business idea that you can obtain support for such an investment, you may be eligible to immigrate to Canada under the Start-up business class program.

In so doing, you need to approach an eligible and designated organization to participate in this Start-up visa Program. You need to convince them to support your business.

Once you reach an agreement with them, you need to obtain a Letter of Support from this designated organization. To apply for a Star-up visa, you must include this Letter of Support in your application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be eligible for the Start-up Visa program?
What is a qualifying business?
Can you give me an example of a designated organization?
What investment do I need to obtain from a designated Venture Capital funds?
What investment do I need to obtain from a designated angel investor groups?
Who are the designated business incubators?
What are the English and /or French language skills requirements?
How much will I need to be considered as having sufficient settlement funds?

Gathering Necessary Documentation

We are here to help! We’ll guide you to collect and compile every document needed for your application. Without a well prepared application and needed supporting documents, the processing of your application would not only be delayed, it could even be refused.